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Post in Acne-Prone Skin

I am 18 and i have horrible skin, from acne to really bad blackheads all on my cheeks, i have no problem with cost of mia 2. would this product be good for me or is it hormones

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Going off what the other ladies said...


I would not recommend the Clarisonic. Matter of fact don't even chance it because it could break you out worse. The Glam Glow Clearing Mask broke me out as well because it dried out my skin (not to mention you get an itty bitty container for $69+tax). Some people swear by Cetaphil but I got one of the worst breakouts of my life from that stuff. So with that being said everything doesn't work for everyone. If your acne is that bad I would recommend seeing a dermatologist, especially if it is affecting your confidence. You'll waste more time and money experimenting and setting your skin back further when you could've gone to the derm and gotten help.


In the meantime I'm going to recommend the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Foaming Cleanser. It's very gentle, removes makeup and cleanses the skin very well. It encourages cell renewal as well and has something things like vitamin C in it which helps to brighten the skin. My dermatologist recommended other cleansers to me but I found this one on my own and it's been a Godsend. However it's not an acne treatment so you will probably still need a spot treatment at least... Best of luck.


A Clarisonic will help keeping your pores clean, but I do recommend having some sort of facial with manual extractions to clear out the black heads. Nothing will work better than manual extractions. I would just not do them yourself tho. For in between facials I use the Glam Glow Super Mud and a Mia 2 Clarisonic and it has helped so much. 


have you tried any of the glamglow products to help pull out the blackheads? they work wonders!


 I was walking home the other day, and my neighbor had thrown out a clarisonic mia in front of her house in a box (charger and all). I was freaking out because I wanted one for so long. I went home, removed and chucked the brush, and cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol and purchased new sensitive brush heads on amazon. The clarisonic is a game changer. I have deep cystic acne that will SIT there until it emerges to the surface as a whitehead weeks later (which makes it impossible not to pick) I also have a lot of scarring on my cheeks and chin. Acne can appear in a matter of hours, and will linger for months. 


I've only been using the clarisonic for 2.5 weeks with gentle cetaphil, but I can tell you this:


my breakouts are less frequent

my breakouts are less flaky and don't last as long

my skin is smooth and more vibrant

my face absorbs serums and mouisturizer MUCH better

my blackheads on my nose have not gone away, but with the skin exfoliated, can be pushed out easier

my acne scars are significantly fading


it's worth it. if you think its hormones, birth control can help even out the imbalnce. I've been on the pill to regulate my acne for almost 8 years now. It works wonders. Don't go on ortho TRI cyclen if youre prone to hormonal breakouts, because the three waves of hormones during the 28 day cycle will really mess your skin up (hence TRI cyclen) ortho cyclen (not tri) has been great at regulating my hormones with one steady dose of hormones.


hope this helps!


This could really help or worsen your skin. Blemish come from variety of causes from hormones to diet to improper cleansing. If the problem is internal then clarisonic is not gonna help. If the problem is external then clarisonic might since it provides exfoliation and deep cleansing. HOWEVER, sometimes clarisonic can worsen your skin, probably due to too much stimulation and you might get more breakouts. I don't have clarisonics but there are TONS of reviews. I would say look at both the positive ones and negative ones for those with similar problem/skin type as yours, then buy it from a place with good return policy. Sometimes there is a purge and you get worse before you get better so use it every other day for two weeks. If your skin show no signs of improvement after two weeks, then it may not be for you.


I agree. If your skin's rather thin and easily irritable, clarisonic only makes it worse. On the other hand, coarse skin surface is adding to the problem clarisonic should really help. 

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