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Post in Acne-Prone Skin
Right Products for Sensitive and Oily Skin?!?!?

In some seasons (mostly spring and summer) my skin gets really oily so I use powder to make it more matte. But whenever I use powder, I breakout so badly! Same thing happens with foundation, bb cream, concealer and any other coverups. Does this happen to anyone else? My skin's super sensitive. This summer vacation I stopped putting anything on my face and my pimples started to fade. I'm really happy about that but I still miss using powder since it kept my face from looking too oily and it evened out my skin tone. Does anyone know any really good and gentle powders I could use?? Please help!

Re: Right Products for Sensitive and Oily Skin?!?!?

Hi, ShellPink! Sensitivity is a crucial factor whether skin is oily, dry, or problematic, for starters, are you aware of what you are sensitive or reactive to? This can better allow us to narrow down suggestions and have recommendations better cater to your particular skin.


Even though there is the general umbrella of factors to key into when someone has sensitive skin to minimize irritation such as avoiding added/synthetic fragrance, synthetic colorants, sulfates, and parabens/preservatives, sensitivities can touch into a much wider market than just those aspects. Calming or soothing ingredients can range from oat, aloe, lavender, to chamomile, but if you happen to be allergic/sensitive to even any of those factors whether or not they're natural or deemed primarily "good" for skin won't matter as they can cause a reaction for you.


Let us know what you are currently using for your AM and PM skin care regimen (along with any weekly/supplementary steps such as masks, peels, or scrubs, along with how often they are used or when they tie into your regimen) along with your cosmetics routine. Let us know past and current experiences with products, be they good or bad so we have as much information about your skin as possible to work with and take into account.

Re: Right Products for Sensitive and Oily Skin?!?!?

Thanks for replying! But i don't know what certain ingredient is causing me to break out so much. Fragrance usually isn't an issue for me though. I just break out so much whenever I use any kind of face makeup. This summer, as I said I haven't put any kind of cover up on and I've also been using Bioderma products (their sebium global acne treatment and pore refining product) and they've worked wonders for me! But it only cures my skin when i'm NOT using any face makeup. I just want to find a powder specifically that won't cause me to get acne. I don't take any supplements mainly because I don't believe in them and I also use a st ives scrub mask (the shea butter oatmeal one) every week (works very well). I haven't tried any high end powders I've only bought powders from drugstore brands specifically maybelline and l'oreal. I would like to try a high end one but if it just causes me to break out again then all that money was wasted.

Re: Right Products for Sensitive and Oily Skin?!?!?

When you break out after using make up, does it occur all over or in particular areas? 

Re: Right Products for Sensitive and Oily Skin?!?!?

My cheeks and forehead

Re: Right Products for Sensitive and Oily Skin?!?!?

Do you use any type of foundation primer inbetween your skin care and make up steps?


Which products in the Bioderma Sebium line are you using precisely, I see the Pore Refiner, but which treatment are you referring to? I just want to make sure I'm looking at the right products.


I don't see any mention of a moisturizer, could you by chance give me a run down of your AM and PM skin care regimen?


Re: Right Products for Sensitive and Oily Skin?!?!?

No I don't use a primer. I don't use foundation I only use powder and concealer for under my eyes. The other bioderma product I use is the sebium global intensive purifying care for acne prone skin


And I use neutrogena makeup remover ccleansing wipes to take off my face and eye makeup. I don't use any moisturizer or anything else. I literally only use the bioderma products and the st ives scrub mask once/twice a week.

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