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Post in Beauty Confidential

I recently bought Sally Hansen's sticker/ peel off design nail things. I LOVE Sally Hansen products in general, so I was excited to try these. It has been 3 days since the application, and they are peeling off and look like it has been on for 2 weeks! They are expensive so I am disappointed in them. I will never buy them again, bad idea! They are very good ideas though. 

It is also a bad idea when people paint their nails with sharpies or white-out. 

What is your worst nail idea?

Re: Nails
If you still have the Sally Hansen stickers give them another try. Follow the directions, take your time- they are a little difficult to get used to. Also, once you do have them on apply clear top coat over and reapply every couple of days. I have had them on for almost two weeks now, granted I do have acrylics ( allthough not like the photo). If you want to try some that are thicker and easier to work with, and more expensive- try Sephora by OPI chic prints, they are about $15. Good luck.
Re: Nails

Ok thanks, I will pass on the gels. Your right I have to up my vitamins. It's to scary to think of my nails getting any weaker.

Re: Nails

I just tried this week the Sephora by OPI nail sticker things which are just like the Sally Hansen ones (The Sephora ones are $15 by the way) and i had the exact same experience. After three days they were fraying up and looked like it had been much longer than three days! It sucks. They are super pretty and they are easy to apply but I'm with you honey....its annoying that these dont last longer. 


Oh well, lesson learned. 



Re: Nails

I think some people may disagree with me on this one, but my nail no-no would have to be LONG nails -- to me, they scream tacky -- like those Lee Press On Nails (I'm totally dating myself here, but I remember those commercials from the early/mid-80s, when I was little, and those things were frightening). I think nails look best short and groomed -- or even slightly longer -- but not so long that they tap easily on everything and get in the way.


I did a google image search to try to find a picture of what I mean (DON'T DO THIS. Do not google "long fingernails") and this is what I came up with -- not awful, but not my cup of tea. Again, this is only my opinion! Certain people can get away with this -- I'm just not one of them.



Re: Nails

@Katie:  You cracked me up.  I totally remember Lee PressOn Nails.  I don't remember if I ever tried them but I remember them. And that picture you put on is just scary. Not only are they super long but squared. I don't like that either. I do like nails, not long but a little beyond the tip of the finger and rounded.  When I started to play guitar I had to cut mine down so low they almost hurt (well then getting the calluses did hurt.  When I stopped playing, I couldn't grow them back. My pinkies and ring fingers will grow a little but the rest just chip and break off.  It's like they got thin.  I don't understand why they would of.  Oh well I'm thinking about picking up my guitar again anyhow.  I just dread getting those calluses again.

Re: Nails

I agree, fake long nails are scary. Also, if you have naturally long nails, be sure to clean them because a lot of dirt gets trapped under your nails. 

Re: Nails

Ok i'm sorry i have to ask, anyone had or has gels on there nails? I'm thinking about getting them. Would love your opinions. I have very thin nails that break all the time.

Re: Nails

i did a no-chip gel manicure earlier this year. i liked it - it lasted a long time and helped with the weakness of my nails. but, they're a hassle to get off, and I feel like my nails are now weaker after. 

Re: Nails

I also dislike long nails. The ones in the pic Katie posted aren't too bad, but I don't like that shape. I like soft, rounded, natural looking nails. I have seen some ridiculously epic nail lengths and I have to wonder: "HOW do you go to the bathroom???"


About gel nails and artificial nails in general: If you have weak nails, don't get them. They will only make your nails weaker. Although the gel manicures are not as bad if you go to a patient maicurist who will take the time to get them off without damaginng your nails, I would still say stay away from anything artificial. Instead, take hair skin and nail vitamins and use strengthening treatments on your nails and forgo the manicures for a while. That should get your nails back up to speed!

Good luck!

Re: Nails

I agree with Katie- that long talon look seems like a bad idea to me, especially on people that handle food or your dishes in the restaurant.. Seems to me that those long nails would harbor bacteria that could get into food or on the plate. Just my little germophobe self here...Smiley Wink

Re: Nails

@prettyinpa:  In a more hospital/medical setting, you're not supposed to have really long nails or fake/painted nails due to that very reasoning.  I see it too often when I do have to go (luckily not that much).  It can be reported to a supervisor but that might be a tad mean. 


I don't see it as commonplace anywhere else though.   

Re: Nails

I keep my nails trimmed and filed because otherwise it's hard to type. Since I'm trying to find work in an administrative role, I need to be able to type pretty fast and accurately. Plus longer nails make it harder to put in and take out my contact lenses.

Re: Nails

I have to agree with the above.  When I was still in school, almost everyone did that for prom.  Certain hand shapes can wear them.  Others, not so much.  Always saw the latter. 

Re: Nails

Definitely -- and maybe a certain look or personality, too...I feel like Ivana Trump could pull these off!

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