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josie maran

Hi, so awhile ago when I placed an order with Sephora I recieved a sample of Josie Maran Matchmaker Serum Foundation and I couldn't to try it. But I was so disappointed because as I was using the product it was turning my skin ORANGE. The problem with this is that I have very pale skin and I do not want to look like an oompa loompa. So, I went to Josie Maran's website and wrote a review and was then contacted a day or two later asking what shade I tried (which was Light/Medium) and if I wanted to try a sample of Fair/Light. I of course said YES, I would be willing to try it again especially since it would be free. So, I was told by one of their representatives that she would send my some samples to try. This was on December 22, 2012. I have yet yo recieve any samples and I have tried contacting this representative along with using the link on their website to email them again twice. It is now Janurary 9th and I haven't heard a single word from anyone. So, I will not use any of their products anymore because if they treat their customers with lies and then ingore them. Well I want nothing to do with them and I really do not want to give them any of my money.


Has anyone else had any horrible experiences with a Makeup Brand?

Re: josie maran

Hi Musickluver21. That's so disappointing! 😞 If you are near one of our stores that carries Josie Maran, one of our Cast Members will be happy to make a sample for you to try.

Re: josie maran

I was finally contacted and they are sending me a full size bottle of foundation! I am so excited and I am hoping that this one works better, following up on things that matter really pays off.

Re: josie maran

musickluver21 wrote:

I was finally contacted and they are sending me a full size bottle of foundation! I am so excited and I am hoping that this one works better, following up on things that matter really pays off.

I'm so glad to hear they were able to take care of you and sorry you had to wait so long. In the future, you could always visit a Sephora store and ask for samples to take home. A Cast member will be happy to put something together for you to try. Keep us posted and I hope you're having a great day. Smiley Wink





Re: josie maran
Wow, good for u for being persistent and now getting a full size! Well worth it and a nice surprise. I love Sephora and how they will return a product after you've tried it. I won't deal with a company directly, usually just Ulta or Sephora.
Re: josie maran

I second ran8's suggestion of trying again now that it's not holiday season.

If you really want to pursue your samples, I suggest you contact one of the company's board of directors, COO or CEO. Write a polite letter (calm and well written with proper punctuation and spelling are key here).  When I have had problems with a company and written a real letter and sent it snail mail, I have always gotten a response and usually a very favorable one. I got free airfare when the airline messed up my flight to my honeymoon, new replacements when products were defective and free vouchers when other things went wrong. Often the higher management has no idea that some department is slacking or that the employees are being rude to the customers and are grateful that you bring the issue to their attention. Real letters as opposed to emails seem to work better when things go wrong, I think they are treated more seriously, maybe because they are handled by higher level employees than the ones who check the email. Though I read a story recently about the late Steve Jobs of Apple who used to read emails and respond personally to customer complaints, so it's not a hard and fast rule. You can look up the CEO or COO on the company's website or Google the company name and see if they have any official corporate address. 


Good luck, hope you have success.

Generally, I have had less issues when it comes to custom...

Generally, I have had less issues when it comes to customer service in the beauty industry in comparison to other types of industries. Sometimes smaller companies are not focused on CS or have less employees to hand such issues. 


If it was not for Sephora carrying certain brands (acting as the channel of distribution), I would probably not buy from those brands directly.  Why?  The company's poor customer service and/or treatment of their own representatives.  That list is quite small though.  Most good companies will work with the customer.  Free samples and gifts on the other hand might be easily forgotten (sometimes through poor organization). 


I have not personally tried to contact Josie Maran but keep in mind that you were contacting them during a very busy time of the year for most retailers.  If your mind is made up, stick to it.  Otherwise, try one more time when it is not in the midst of the holiday shopping season. 


Sometimes addressing (calmly and constructively) issues on the company's facebook wall will bring attention to the matter.


Best of luck. 

Re: Generally, I have had less issues when it comes to custom...
Thanks for the advice and I shop at Sephora so I do not have to deal with the BS for the actual brand. But, it is just so annoying that I have been trying to contact them for close to a month and I have tried to be as calm and constructively in the email, even though I am super pissed off.
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