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Post in Combination Skin
Middle Ground Moisturizer

I just turned 30, and my skin, which has always been reliably oily, has turned on me. I now have dry patches along my hairline and on my cheeks, while still being a grease ball in my t-zone and having occasional breakouts. During the winter, I used Clinique's Superdefense SPF 25, and it worked pretty well - a solid B+. I knew it would be far too heavy for the summer heat and humidity, though, and switched back to Boscia's Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15 (though I did search for something with a higher SPF - I'd like something in a 30). While it works fine for my t-zone, my poor cheeks and hairline are flaking like mad, and I'm getting a little tired of having face dandruff (ew, that's gross - sorry. Still an apt metaphor, so I'm leaving it.) Does anybody have a product they recommend? I like the lightness of the Boscia (and its disinclination to break me out), but I need something just a touch heavier, I think. Help, anybody?

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream is great to give you...

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream is great to give you hydration, but doesn't feel too heavy. It has a souffle-like texture.

First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream(


Cleanser does help with balancing your skin hydration. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is great because it won't strip the oils and will continue to keep your skin feeling soft.


Fresh - Soy Face Cleanser(


Another suggestion is to use a more hydrating moisturizer at night so that your skin can be replenished and rejuvenated while you sleep and opt for a lightweight one during the day.



Stay beautiful.


The right cleanser or toner might help with the combo ski...

The right cleanser or toner might help with the combo skin so the oily/dry areas are not so drastically different.

I've tried Boscia SPF15 one and did found it a tad too light. Slightly heavier day moisturizer (that I'm currently using) are Estee Lauder Daywear cream for combo/normal SPF15, Origin Perfect World SPF 25, and Bliss Fabulous SPF 15.


There are some quick fixes:

- if the moisturizer's too light: wait for it to sink in, then if the dry area is not too bad, apply it again in the dry areas and rub well (cheeks and near hairline), if the dry area is really dry, I actually apply normal cream to my hand then press the palm to my cheek and rub around the hairline.

- if the moisturizer made nose a bit oily: wipe with a tissue, then apply matte or oil absorbing powder only to nose and shiny area.


Or, if you have an ideal cream that hydrates but don't make you oily but don't have SPF. Clinique CityBlock SPF40 does not moisturize at all and is very lightweight so you can apply your favorite non-SPF cream then that on top of it.

Re: The right cleanser or toner might help with the combo ski...
I've looked at the Perfect World - I may give it and the Daywear a try (for some reason, my face rejects the Fabulous, even though I have two of their other products in my forever lineup). Thanks much!
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