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Post in Customer Support reviews have disappeared!

What did someone do to the Sephora website!?!?! For several days now product reviews no longer appear. Even when i click on the Reviews tab, nothing happens.


I rely on the assistance of product reviews when narrowing down choices among apparently similar items before making purchases, and i buy *a lot* from Sephora (in the 4 figures US annually), mostly in person.


This also means i cannot post reviews, either, because since reviews are gone, so is the Write a Review button. And i have some recent purchases to review.


I am very unhappy. My guess is that someone "upgraded" something on the website which has downgraded and degraded my ability to use it.


I realize that people have different experiences, depending on computer, operating system, and browser. But one point of the internet was that people could communicate across platforms, i.e., regardless of computer & OS. Clearly, if there has been a putative upgrade, it is not backwards compatible.


I believe that i should not have to buy a new computer in order to shop at Sephora on line. Please fix this soon. I want to do some more shopping! Thank you!

Re: reviews have disappeared!

Ok, I have an update. It looks like the problem can occur in the older version of Firefox 2.0.


If you're currently using Firefox 2.0, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox 3.6 which is recommended and free.


Hope that helps!

Re: reviews have disappeared!

This is happening to me too! No reviews, even when I click. I am using Firefox.

Re: reviews have disappeared!

Hi lilinah. Yikes! The product reviews are showing up for me. Have you tried viewing the website in a different browser?


I'd like to get more information from you to further investigate what the issue is and will send you a private message shortly. Thanks!

Re: reviews have disappeared!

Hi! This happens to me sometimes -- and it's not an issue with Sephora, it's my browser. Are you using Safari? Sometimes, all of a sudden, all reviews and product questions will disappear, and, as you mentioned, you can't write reviews, either. This is totally an issue with Safari, because when I use FireFox, it doesn't happen.


I hope this helps! 🙂

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