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Anti-haul threa

I saw the best youtube video...on anti-hauls. Basically, it's things you are not going to buy (no way, not ever, absolutely) and why. So here are my anti-hauls for holiday 2016 updated:


1.  The KVD/TooFaced collaboration.  People are already listing it below.  I don't get it and to me it just looks tacky.  Two brands that apparently aren't better together.


2.  Pat McGrath lips sets.  I do not need glitter on my lips and the shades don't look unique or distinctive.


3.  The new Tarte deluxe blush palette (the $65 one).   I need to stop with these deluxe size holiday offerings.  I can't seem to hit pan on one blush, let alone 9 (I think it has nine).


4.  Things off Beauty dot com just because they're discounted.  I do not need makeup, even super cheap makeup.  I might want it, but I don't need it.


5.  Sorry on this one, but after buying a bunch of UD palettes at full price, to see them all get discounted deeply, I will not be buying more full priced UD palettes.


6.  If the Sephora Give Me More Lips has lip liners, I will not be buying it.



Videos one and two are on the last or almost last page of comments to this thread.  The others are littered in.  Kimberly Clark (youtube name so not putting in names not allowed on BT) made them.  Video 2 I'll link now:

Re: Anti-haul threa

I was hoping KC would mention the Becca Prismatic Amethyst highlighter because I want it even though I know I don't need it!  I'm such a sucker for Becca highlighters.


You just have to keep chanting "What I'm not going to buuuuuyyyy" when you go shopping.  😄  Better yet, sing it quietly and see if anyone around you recognizes what it's from.

Re: Anti-haul threa

@Suzy1986 "I don't need it and I'm not going to buy it" I say this to myself a lot lol. 

Re: Anti-haul threa

I bet someone's made that into a ringtone or something.  I need a voice of reason with me when I'm in Sephora!

Re: Anti-haul threa

I burst out laughing when she was talking about not buying the Chanel Camelia Illuminator because it's $70. 😄 

....I did buy the Becca Prismatic Amethyst, but in my defence it was not $70. 😛

Re: Anti-haul threa

I like that defense!  Yes, it's a 38 dollar highlighter I don't need.... but at least it's not 70 dollars!


So, do you like it?  I think the color would be stunning on my fair complexion but a lot of the reviews weren't thrilled about the formula, saying it wasn't like the regular version.  

Re: Anti-haul threa

OMG!!!!! Heart


BRB - gonna see if anything I bought is on the list!  0000.JPG




Re: Anti-haul threa

Thanks @ZombieMetroAnt! ❤ Hopefully KC doesn't talk about anything I really want to buy!! 😆

Re: Anti-haul threa

Yessssss!! Thanks for the head's up @ZombieMetroAnt, I will be watching this as soon as I get home. 😄

Re: Anti-haul threa

Ohhhhh!  Thanks for the heads up!  Sounds like there may not be any stinky peach bashing on this one, but I bet the Chanel highlighter will be called out.....

Re: Anti-haul threa

OMG!  Luckily there were only 2 products I have already purchased.  😊



1.  "Your pastel runway look wasn't 'mint' to be."

2.  "This Modigliani situation"


Dying!!!!! 😂😂😂

Re: Anti-haul threa

..and that intro too!!  20170106_182204.jpg

Re: Anti-haul threa

@ZombieMetroAnt Lol that intro scared the ish out of me!!! I had my volume down pretty low here at work but somehow it just got louder and louder and I was too late turning it down before a full on musical came out of my speakers LOL my boss started laughing at me.

Re: Anti-haul threa

Starting a new year with Kimberly's anti-haul #9!


I'll never look at the Sweet Peach collection the same way! 😄

Re: Anti-haul threa

Thank you for posting! Her anti-haul videos give me life. 

Re: Anti-haul threa

I could not stop laughing when she called the Tom Ford palette neapolitan. Now, I will never be able to look at it without thinking of Neapolitan ice cream.

Re: Anti-haul threa

@Asche Thanks for posting this!!!  I need to watch it now.  This year did not close on a low buy and I need to go join that thread after watching.

Re: Anti-haul threa

@meganlisa Hahaha, I did the same thing! Watched this video and went straight to the low-buy/no-buy thread. 😄

Re: Anti-haul threa

@Asche I'm watching it in another window.  I need to spend less in 2017!!!!

Re: Anti-haul threa

@meganlisa What did you think of it? 😛


I didn't find this one as funny as some of the previous ones, but I still love me some KC.

I found the Tom Ford section a bit odd. Is it crazy to spend $60 on one blush? Maybe, but it is Tom Ford. What do you expect? It doesn't surprise me one bit that a TF blush would be $60, or that the eye/blush palette is over $100. If you don't want to spend that much on makeup then why even look at TF? There's just no point. Plus, I've seen nothing but amazing things about those blushes. So if you're into brand names and want an amazing blush, buying a TF one for $60 seems reasonable. I felt like Kimberly didn't really discuss the price tag from the "brand name" perspective.


I felt similarly about the Marc Jacobs primer. I got that as a birthday gift and it's amazing. On the pricier side? Sure. But it works wonders on my dry skin and it is from a high end I can understand the price tag.


I did love the parts about Natasha De-no-no and Stinky Peach collection  Too funny. I sucessfully anti-hauled both of those this year. 😄

Re: Anti-haul threa

@Asche I agree.  The earlier of the anti-haul videos were funnier.  I think KC got some pressure about some past comments and so has eased up a bit.  This one also seemed less researched than past videos have been.

Where I sometimes disagree with KC is regarding higher end brands.  Just because they're expensive, doesn't mean they aren't amazing.  A few videos ago KC discussed a Chanel highlighter and said it has chunky glitter.  Um, no.  It's super soft on, with no chunky glitter.  And with the TF comments...well...TF has some truly stunning items.  Are they worth it?  Well, I personally have upped my price spent per item (avoiding many but not all cheaper brands) and am much happier with the items (on, not just the packaging).  I haven't tried the MJ but have a pricier Bobbi B that I love and which is worth it.

Still, I love these videos.  And the member berry comparison to the peach is hilarious and spot on.

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