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Ever tried Glambot ?

Did you ever sold to Glambot ? 

Did you ever buy from Glambot ?


Please share your experience 🙂 



Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

So I googled "Glambot" after watching a youtuber raving about them on her channel, and this article came up: www.dailymail (DOT)co(DOT)uk/femail/article-3214737/There-s-no-way-knowing-fungus-bacteria-left-Medical-expert-slams-bizarre-website-buys-USED-make-beauty-lovers-selling-on.html


It's pretty revolting and scary. 😐 

I definitely won't be buying anything off Glambot...and I'm pretty sure I should be pitching out all my old makeup as well.

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

I've bought from them a couple of times and had good experiences. The three items I've bought said 80% left but were pretty much unused.

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

thanks ! did the items look well sanitize ?
and did it take a long time to receive your package ? 🙂

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

I've bought from them and sold to them and had OK experiences with both. My offer was around $80 for the stuff I sold. I think 1 palette in the lot was worth $80, so I wasn't overly impressed with my offer, but I figured the money was better than keeping the products and never using them. 


I purchased 3 things from them. They sent me the wrong product (Too Faced Chocolate Soleil instead of MILK Chocolate Soleil) and I contacted them and they let me keep the wrong product and refunded my card without any hassle.


The other items I bought were great. I got a brand new Tom Ford lipstick for $38, which was advertised as 80% left. Even though some prices aren't much lower than retail, they have 20% off often, so you can find a good deal if you're patient. Also, there's no tax, so you can really save on pricey items.


In my mind, it's worth it to order from them if they have something you've been eyeing. Their CS was great and I got an extra product out of it!

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

Thanks for your input. I'm happy to know that some people actually had a positive experience 🙂

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

I have bought from Glambot (just once). I was a little apprehensive to begin with, but thought I'd give it a try. It wasn't a horrible experience but I wouldn't do it again for a few reasons:


1) I ordered the Hourglass Immaculate foundation off their site, but received the Hourglass Illusion skin tint instead. I like the Illusion skin tint, but it wasn't what I actually ordered. It was too much of a hassle to send back, so I just kept it.


2) Their prices aren't all that cheap (maybe because I'm in Canada). For an extra $3 I could get the same item, unused. I'd rather just pay the extra $3.


3) I could never find good information about their sanitation process. I would never order eye or lip products from them. I ordered face products only (two foundations, as I recall. It was a while ago). 


It also annoys me to hear that so many people got such little cash for the makeup they sent in, but that Glambot resells those products at nearly full price. I understand that that's how companies profit, but it still irks me. 


I'm really curious to see what other experiences people have had! 🙂

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

Thank you for the detailed experience 🙂 
I'm from Canada as well and I think the exchange rates are not making the prices that advantageous to us :S 

I do believe they have sales a few times a year.


It annoys me too that so many people got so little cash for the makeup they sent in ! 

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

I tried selling to them - they're the definition of lowballers. 

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

I was looking into selling to them and all the reviews I saw said that it wasn't worth it. It also sounded like if you rejected their offer, it was a nightmare getting your stuff sent back to you. 


I recall one girl saying that she'd sent them some makeup, and they put it up for sale on their site before she even accepted their offer. Not cool!

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

Surprisingly, it wasn't bad, but they charged me $13 for it -_-

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

oh myyy, really ??? ok I will def not sell to them then !!

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?

LOL that's what I've heard...did you end up accepting their offer ?

Re: Ever tried Glambot ?


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