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Thank you Kat Von D!


This is the email I just received:

Dear Valued Beauty Insider,


We recently sent you a package directly from Kat Von D, which includes a Vegan Makeup Bag, a Tattoo Liner in Trooper and an Ink Liner in Trooper. This was sent as an apology for the experience you may have had with the 750 point Kat Von D coffin reward you recently redeemed, which many clients found to be disappointing in quality. We hope you enjoy this set of full sized products!



Sephora Community Support Team




Yesterday evening UPS dropped off a black t-shirt style box at my door. I had no idea who it was from and I was not expecting any deliveries. 


This is my version of unboxing:


1. Just the tissue paper/before the reveal

FullSizeRender 32.jpg


2. The reveal/ It is a KVD looking clutch of sorts

FullSizeRender 30.jpg


3. Inside are two full size Eyeliners!

FullSizeRender 31.jpg


Color me both surprised and impressed. I was definitely not expecting this gratis token/gift and I am pleasantly surprised! Hopefully other BTers will report that they have received one as well. 


Yeah Kat Von D for hitting a home run with this one. I am one happy client right now!

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

I'm glad I bothered to take a look here before writing them an email. I'm a Canadian who redeemed for this perk and I can't wait to receive mine in the mail. ^__^ So excited! Thanks so much to Kat and Sephora for sending these out. I really had wanted the box to be plastic so I could put it in my purse.

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

Ooh lucky! Congrats!

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

I got too! I am so happy!

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

congrats! this looks great!

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

Could I have a MOD contact me about this gift/perk/email.. I know some of you have been able to track these by USPS but I'm up here in Canada and I have no way to track this.. Called the rouge line and they are basically telling me they never send out gifts like this (This one is from KVD, I get that) but I've received a Formula X gift before....


I really need help tracking this package, please please please

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

This was a replacement perk for those who ordered the Kat Von D coffin perk. It was shipped UPS (not USPS), but it did not pop up into my UPS account until the day it was delivered. 


If you were one of the 80 Canadians who ordered this perk, you should get it, because I seriously doubt they would replace it for those in the US but not Canada. At least, I hope they'd replace it for both, because that would add even more insult to injury for Canadians.

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

I got the exact same email as Willa25 which is why I dont understand why neither sephora nor Kat Von D can track this thing for me... I'm really curious as to who the official sender was on the package because KVD is telling me they dont ship to Canada which I already knew and the rougeline is acting like this email isnt from them and is similar to those "A blablah prince will send you so and such money if you just give us an account number.. LOL


If you guys arent gonna ship to Canada, please do not send these emails out to Canadian residents 😞

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

This came PIMS NEW YORK INC. Kat Von D was not the sender. If you do not receive this in the next couple of days, I would pm a mod. They sent you the email, so they are probably sending you a package. I just wanted to let you know I did not get tracking either. It just popped up in my UPS account the day it was delivered. If you have a UPS account, check it. I think UPS operates in Canada.

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

Thank you so much, I just figured to contact PIMS because I did see a picture of someones box with that info on it. Luckily the guy told me I called the right place but that sadly many many of these were sent out so they couldnt track it for me (especially since i'm in Canada) He was really nice about it though, told me to call back in a few days if it doesnt show up at my doorstep!


HOPE! There's hope! 🙂



Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

Thanks for this info. I'm in Canada and got the email as well. I assumed we'd be a week behind. I'm still waiting as well. *fingers crossed*

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

Hey @beautyaddict99, have you gotten yours yet? I contacted PIMS again and spoke to a different person, apparently the Canadian shipment for this hasnt even made it to them yet. He says he's expecting it sometime this week or begining of next! I'm thinking 2-3 weeks til this ships out here!


About all I know for now 😉

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

Oh - thank you so much for letting me know this info. I haven't gotten anything yet (obviously) and was just thinking of whether I should try contacting PIMS. They probably should have waited on sending out those emails to Canadian customers until they were closer to getting the shipment. Total tease! lol. Ah well, hopefully it turns up before Xmas, right? 😛  


At least it's still something to look forward to. I'm really just impressed they decided to make it right in the first place. Totally unexpected. Be sure to post when you do get yours and I'll do the same! 🙂 

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

Totally impressed as well! With Sephora CS service being the way it is, add to that being Canadian.. Eeeech! 😉 Will post as soon as I get it! Hopefully very very soon! 😛

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

Heads up, @Tiiiiiffany and the rest of Canada! They've shipped! I just got my package. UPS left it at my door (no tracking, it just showed up). Yay! Thanks again to Kat Von D and Sephora for making things right. 🙂 

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

Awesome! Happy you got yours!! Will be patiently/not so patiently waiting for mine 😉 Thanks for the heads up!! Enjoy your pretties! 🙂

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

So nice. Enjoy your gift! 🙂

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

Thank you @glanz

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

Bravo!  Excellent customer service.

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

I completely agree, @kelloua!

Re: Thank you Kat Von D!

That's really classy of them. Enjoy 🙂


Now I'm wishing I had ordered that point perk! lol

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