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Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

**So, I know that there's a similar thread out there for this for someone's trip to Japan, but since it's 2 years old now, I thought it would be okay to create a new one with updated information.**


So, I am fortunate enough to be able to take a trip to Tokyo in a few weeks, and, as a lover of beauty and a person intrigued by Asian skincare, I was wanting to create a short list of beauty items or brands that I should be on the look out for while I'm there. Any suggestions? My skin is pretty sensitive, so I'm leaning more towards makeup (as my skin tolerates that better than skincare). However, I am open to any sensitive skincare as well.



Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo


Sharing my Japan and Hong Kong (finally) - thanks for everyone who contributed to my wishlist! 🙂

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

You got some awesome stuff! Thank you for sharing your haul @Cyncynn 🙂 Hope you had a blast!

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

Thank you everyone for the recommendations and suggetions on this page and thanks @tessie84 for creating this thread!


Here's a little video compilation i put together of my trip to Seoul + Tokyo 🙂


Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

Huge thanks for posting this video! Tokyo has been on my list for ever to visit.

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

I loved your video!! My parents lived in Tokyo for 3 years and I feel more in love with the city every time I visited. Since they've moved back, I don't know when I'll have to chance to go again. Thank you for letting me revisit it, if only for a moment. I've only been to Seoul once, but recognized Myeongdong right away! 

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

❤️ Aw that was so touching to me. I'm glad I made you feel nostalgic ! hehe

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

Thanks for sharing @Sonny4President! You are so artistic and what a great trip!  Looks like the chefs take great pride in the dishes they make for everyone.   I was wondering why there was so few cars at the end of your video in Tokyo, was it 3am?

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

Aw, thanks @spotspotcatIt's definitely not populated with cars like LA, at least in Shibuya - this was probably around 7-9pm! The sun went down at around 6!



Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

@Sonny4President Thank you for sharing the video of your trip. That restaurant towards the end of the Seoul segment that had that "moat" of melting cheese -- wow! That looked amazing. All the food looked great, especially in Tokyo -- I miss the ramen already. 😞 I feel like photos don't do Shibuya Crossing justice. It was pretty cool to see and to walk through -- such a neat experience.


I look forward to seeing what beauty stuff you got as well!

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

lol! It was so funny, when I first arrived - I thought the crossing right outside the subway was the crossing, I was like... this is so small - then later at night I saw the actual crossing I was stunned! It was massive (that's what she said) lol! Photo's and even videos definitely don't do it justice! You get so over whelmed by the amount of people surrounding you when crossing it!


I totally forgot to take a picture of all the stuff I got but I can show some of the stuff that is still being assorting later this week!

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

I went to Japan last year and I am going again next week, a few of the items I will mention below were mentioned already, but I'll comment anyway...


1-Canmake crea blush is the best and very cheap. I am going to buy all colors for sure this time. This has a very natural luminous finish - kinda like mac's cream blush consistency. I also got the laduree cream blush and that one has a drier more matte finish. Texture similar to channel's cream blush and I think the Nars sticks.

2-K-palette 1 day tattoo eyeliner. Very fine tip and very long lasting (very!)

3-Shiseido cotton(so cheap!)

4-Not beauty, but they have these heating masks that are so relaxing(great for the airplane). Also heating pads for your shoulder. Will def stock up on those! (pics below!)

5-Bath salts - they are cheap, good, but a bit of a roulette game if you can't read japanese! I picked a few and like them all!

6-Donki - Great place for beauty products with lots of bargains! They do tax free shopping too if you purchase after a certain amount. They seal your purchase though as you have to take it outside of Japan unopened (in theory**)

7-DHC oil - does the job really well. I am not a fan of the smell(kinda like olive oil), but still worth buying IMO

8-Three cleansing oil - I really like it specially for combo skin, smells great too!

9-I did not buy it, but heard great things about the DHC lip balm

10-Suquu has gorgeous eyeshadows

11-The false eyelashes are awesome. My favorite brand was Miche Bloomin great price and excellent quality (Dup are good too, but more expensive)

12-Dup lash glue


**I made several purchases tax free, as most main stores do it. I kept most of my items in the original package, but when I left Japan I just presented a paper and they didn't ask to see the goods I bought.


One thing that I was looking last time in Tokyo and could not find was the Cosme store. Cosme is a website that ranks products based on popularity I think and ranking changes constantly. 

The Marui Shibuya store doesn’t have a cosmetics floor, like other department stores. Instead, they have the @cosme store on the 5th floor.

This is specially helpful as a foreigner (I mean at least you know it's good!)


Non beauty tips:

1-Try Tokyo banana (banana shaped cake) - it's really good! Also great souvenir to bring back

2-Waygo app - you point it to a japanese word phrase and get a translation. Not perfect, but extremely helpful for menus, packaging to have an idea where you are getting yourself into lol

3-it's not very easy to find english speaking people, but if you speak a tiny bit of japanese people will do their very best to help you


Have a safe trip - you will love it 🙂1df8592b-4414-4fa2-ba6a-55d605325c31.jpgTB2qu4XnXXXXXblXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!26209924.jpg_210x210.jpgitem_point1.png

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

@Cyncynn Where did you go for Suqqu stuff? Did you notice a price difference from in Japan vs on Selfriges 

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

@Sonny4President I remember it being cheaper then selfrisges and available on n th biggest stores - pretty sure they had it at isetan shinjuku

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

Some of my favorite Japanese products are:

1) DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

2) Heroine Make Kiss Me Super Waterproof Mascara

3) Biore Aqua Sunscreen

4) Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

All of the above are usually available at the drugstores.

Have a great trip! 🙂


Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

Made it back from Tokyo this week, and it was great. Great food, super friendly people, great experiences. Checked out Isetan, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyu Hands, and a few drugstores that I can't even remember the names of. The Hacci honey facial soap was the only high-end purchase I made. Everything else was drugstore -- it was crazy how cheap some of the prices were. I even picked up the Shiseido Facial Cottons for about $2.60 a pack -- compared to $10 here. (I think the ones here are a smidge softer, but, otherwise, they seem to be the same.) Thank you to everyone who took the time to recommend places, products, and other resources as I planned out this trip! My haul is below.


**For those who plan to go in the future, if you have the time, I recommend doing a day trip to Hakone. I went this onsen (Japanese hot spring) called Hakone Yuryo that was in the mountains (thanks to Into the Gloss for the recommendation), and it was the highlight of my trip. The service was great, the hot spring was AMAZING, and the food was delicious. I highly recommend!**


(The clear bottle with the black cap is Oshimatsubaki Camellia Oil.)

20161205_211106 (1).jpg


20161205_212622 (1).jpg


Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

How did you like the Hacci honey facial soap? Worth it?

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

@Cyncynn I actually haven't tried it yet. I probably should, but I'm waiting as I have sensitive skin and my face is already a little annoyed with the change in seasons in New England right now. So, I wanted to wait until it was calmer to give it a try. If I remember, I'll try to update you. 🙂

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

AH! This makes me so excited for my trip. Lovely haul!

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

Thanks and have a great trip! I'm looking forward to seeing what you pick up!

Re: Beauty Recommendations for Trip to Tokyo

Nice haul! I have some friends who recently went to Hakone and they said the same thing!

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