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eye makeup for men

Hi, how much eye liner & eye shadow can a man wear without looking too freakish?

Re: eye makeup for men

What I used to do was use a light brown eyeliner in my crease and smudge it out so it looks like I have a deeper crease. It looks completely natural. Then, I started wearing a thin line of eyeliner to slightly elongate my eyes more. This is as simple and 'undetectable' as it gets. You can also try wearing a clear mascara or a lengthening mascara. I stopped wearing eye makeup because it didn't appeal to me. 

Someone told me that makeup is 90% personality and 10% application. Do you what YOU want or what you like. Just wear whatever makes you happy and feel good. Try to ignore all the people that look down on you or make fun of you. It's easier said than done, but you're only going to see the same strangers once or twice. 

Re: eye makeup for men

omg someone who puts on mascara primer ALONE. Everyone says you shouldn't use it alone because it's a white like glue... but it obviously dries overtime making it undetectable. I pinch my lashes and then curl them to make them dry faster... you have to let the primer dry a little bit first or you'll get lash primer on your fingers lol


And wow, that quote, "makeup is 90% personality and 10% application" is really interesting... hehe

Re: eye makeup for men

I forgot to put mascara on over primer once, and my lashes were still white until I removed the makeup that night.  There are clear mascaras that are different from primers.  That is probably what Andy is referring to.


I like the 90% personality quote too.  That may explain why my makeup comes out looking natural most of the time even when I am going for bold.  I guess my personality is bland (like my makeup).  

Re: eye makeup for men

Hey girl, I've seen some of the looks and the messages you've posted and you're anything BUT bland! You can really rock a bold lip color (which I envy you for) and part of the "natural" look thing is that you just have great skin and features to begin with, so they come through. I think you should call your style "naturally bold"!!!

Re: eye makeup for men

You are way too sweet, Joeanne.  Thank you.


If you've liked the messages I've posted, it is because I avoid topics where I probably know less than the op.  I try to only offer advice when I have something of value to add.  BT has taught me a lot, and I like to pass on the few things I've picked up on.


Anyone who thinks I have great skin is fooled.  Yay for makeup on that front.  Thanks, I like naturally bold.  That has a nice ring to it.  I may need to break out some more fun lip colors, because going bold with my lips does seem to workout better for me than going bold with my eyes.  I try not to ever do bold lips with bold eyes.  Every time I go for bolder eyes though, I get comments that I have a great natural look.



Re: eye makeup for men

Would love to see some of your looks. Want to try bold lips & eyes, but I've been told not to do that.

Re: eye makeup for men

As long as I am happy with my look, I always share it in the What are You Wearing Thread (it is my favorite thread).  I do not wear makeup often, so I only appear there sporadically to share looks.  Most of the people who post there are pretty talented (myself excluded), so I highly recommend checking it out for ideas.  It is an enabling thread though, because seeing the products on actual people is so much better than seeing pictures of them on a screen, a la the hauls thread (which is my second favorite).  I love pictures though and almost always scroll past the people who write in what they're wearing or what they've bought.


As I wrote on your lipstick thread, wear whatever you want and ignore the people who advise you otherwise.


The hauls thread changes monthly, so this link will not see much activity soon.


The looks thread never changes.

Re: eye makeup for men

WHAT? and no one said "WHAT'S THAT WHITE STUFF ON YOUR EYELASH?" HAHAHA! You have some very nice friends!


What primer were you using? Dior dries clear for me

Re: eye makeup for men

Dior is the one I was using.  It was one of the few times that I put makeup on just to get my son from school, so I was only in public view for five minutes or so.  Usually, I will not put makeup on unless it will be viewed for longer than it takes me to apply it.  No one said anything until my husband got home from work that night.  They either did not notice (which would be impossible for anyone who made eye contact) or were not comfortable telling me.  


When my husband got home, he asked me why I had white lashes.  I ran out of time to do my makeup that day, so I decided to skip, lips, bronzer, etc.  My younger son distracted me at the end.  I shortened my routine, so I forgot I did not put mascara on yet.  In my rush after my son pulled me out of the bathroom, I never got another look in the mirror.  I always put the primer on early in my look to give it time to set, and mascara goes on late in my look.  It was pretty funny, but I still kept them white until right before I went to bed.  


The funny thing is I usually take a picture to share a look on the rare occasions I wear makeup.  Had I taken one that day, I would have noticed.  Between my hurry and the fact that I did not want to post a picture of a half done look (thinking it was half done not realizing I forgot the mascara), I never took a picture.


I asked you on this thread how it does not look white on you, but I am guessing you did not see it.


My friends are like me, honest even when it hurts.  If one of them saw me, they would have told me and made fun of me for it.  

Re: eye makeup for men

They do show up white at first but they dry to a clear color, any excess white remaining I just pinch it into my lashes and I use a curler... are you using a lot on your lashes? I usually just do 1 coat and a little bit of touch up on the places I missed


And I can only imagine the moment your husband told you that! HAHAH

Re: eye makeup for men

I just do one coat of primer.  In my attempt to ensure every lash gets some, it is possible a few could be getting double coated.  The pinching may have something to do with why the white disappears on you.  I also curl my lashes before I apply primer, never after.


My husband teased me profusely.  He is a jokester.  You know the type of person who never misses an opportunity to make a joke.  Of course, he accused me of doing it on purpose and asked me what look I was going for.  I cannot remember his one liner now, but at the time (which was already over a month ago), I remember it being very funny.  It actually lightened the situation when he told me, because he did it in a funny way.  

Re: eye makeup for men

It's always nice to have someone around with a light heart! It makes life that more fun hehe


I DARE YOU TO TRY IT TONIGHT, pinch it + curl it and apply a little more on the places you think need a little more umf let it sit for about 1 minute and tell us the results! 

Re: eye makeup for men

Maybe, I will try it next time I wear makeup, but I am not the type to put makeup on to stay at home. Plus, everyone is sleeping here, and I do not want to wake them up.

Re: eye makeup for men

I don't see why it's bad to use it alone like some people claim...


Dior you can use it alone over-night, and the primers i see hydrate or conditions, or even both.


I'll just add my comment in here so I won't have to post another... 


"...also on its own as a deep conditioner for lashes at night." -Sephora Pro Beauty Team Member, Nathalie Bechard

Re: eye makeup for men

I do not think anyone says it is bad.  People should do whatever they want.  You were just suggesting to the op that she wear only primer.  Jellybean917 mentioned she wanted to darken her lashes (whereas primer lightens them).  Mafan concurred.  I chimed in to give a real life example of why it may not be the best idea for the op.  I also really wanted to know what you were doing to not get a white effect, because we were using the same primer.  If it works for you and you have a way by pinching and curling to get the white out of the product, you can do whatever you want.  I would never tell you otherwise.  


I will however try to prevent someone from going out with white lashes if that is not the look they are going for.  Even though my husband made it very funny when he told me, I did think about the people who noticed and thought I looked funny.

Re: eye makeup for men

Yea, I was referring to clear mascara, which lightly defines the lashes while adding no length or volume. 


And it was actually Jordan Liberty that said that quote 🙂

Re: eye makeup for men

Of course, I have no clue who that is, but I still like the quote.

Re: eye makeup for men

He's an underrated makeup artist on YouTube. And he's real makeup artist, not a self proclaimed YT makeup artist

Re: eye makeup for men

I am still pretty new to makeup and rarely watch Youtube, so I do not know many real makeup artists or many self proclaimed Youtube artists for that matter, but I have seen that term used before.


I can barely do my own makeup, so I have watched a few Youtube videos.  As soon as the video is over, I forget everything I just learned.  My creative skills are very undeveloped.

Re: eye makeup for men

Don't degrade yourself like that, you have to think positivly about yourself 😮

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