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Post in Men Who Makeup
lipsticks for men

Hi, I'm a man and been experimenting with makeup for quite a while now. I want to wear lipstick in public , but don't want to look freakish, suggestions?

Re: lipsticks for men

Thanks, I'll try to take some pictures of me with makeup on & post them. Scared, though that I could be recognized.

Re: lipsticks for men

What color are your lips? If you are looking for natural looks, go 1 to 2 shades darker than your lip color in the same tone. 

Re: lipsticks for men

This is more of a stain than anything. the Cha cha tint from benefit, its a beautiful coral color and it looks natural and very flattering. 

Re: lipsticks for men

I've got a number of lipsticks from Sephora, 3 of which I like the best are #'s 3, 18 & 12 of the Sephora line. Do you think they would be too much to wear with just mens clothes on?


Re: lipsticks for men

You will definitely get some looks, but you just have to live with it... harder said than done of course.


When I went to see the Maleficent movie with my friends, (I think) I rocked some bomb red lipstick and with a flare with a lip liner I borrowed from my mom... although these two women behind me were debating on if this movie time was in 3D or not, I turned around and said, "Yea, this one's in 3D! The original is sold out *laughs alittle*" they smiled because I laughed, but then they noticed my red lips and slowly stopped... so I just turned around HAHAHA... 


It would be a different story if it were my family members though. Which means, it's all in how comfortable you are in showcasing what you got. Some people won't like your look, and some will love you just because you're being you. I say, if you don't have anything holding you back except what you "think" is embarrassing, just go for it! 

Re: lipsticks for men

I think you should wear what you feel comfortable in...are you looking for more of an enhanced natural look?


This is perhaps my favorite natural lip color, MUFE in N4. The formula is very creamy and lovely, but it could possibly look like I just have nice colored lips and used chapstick...image_5.jpeg

Re: lipsticks for men

Love your picture! Especially your eyes, do you have much on them?

Re: lipsticks for men

I knew I recognized that beautiful face (from the pic in the feed).

Re: lipsticks for men

😘 you are too sweet.

Re: lipsticks for men

Well, first off, I wouldn't consider any man wearing makeup in public as "freakish". It's their body, and they have every right to decorate it as they see fit. 


If you are looking for something natural looking, check out YSL's rouge volupte shine. On my 'no-makeup' days I wear #8.  It has a semi glossy finish and is just a touch darker than my natural lip color. It also fades to a nice stain, so you don't have any obvious marks on your lips from a lipstick rubbing off.

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