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Pregnancy skincare routine

Hi All,


I shop religiously at Sephora but I was told my dr that during pregnancy you should avoid certain products. What can you suggest as a safe and effective skincare/haircare routine (Facial lotion/serum, face cleanser/exfoliator, body wash and lotion, shampoo and conditioner)? Thanks!

Re: Pregnancy skincare routine

I've had two kids. Your skin, sorry to be blunt here, is about to freak right out. It might go super oily (hello "pregnancy glow" - it's all oil. With my first, I felt like I needed that stuff they put down on the floor in auto shops to soak up the oil to fill my pillow with) or super dry (my skin actually cracked with my second - no matter how much I moisturized or what I used.) You're going through some huge hormonal and physical changes and that means your skin gets to deal with all of that. Be prepared to switch up your routine from the usual and deal with stuff you've never dealt with before. 

I would suggest going as unscented as possible - I have a friend that still can't use orange-scented bath products because it reminds her of "morning" sickness in the shower. (Ha! Morning sickness. Like that stuff keeps a schedule.) Fragrances can also be irritants, so it might be good for you anyhow. 

What did your doctor tell you that you needed to avoid, specifically? 

Re: Pregnancy skincare routine

Lol @ the Morning sickness not having a schedule! So true!



Re: Pregnancy skincare routine

If you can, I would look for Organic or Natural products, they tend to be the safest and less irritating. I suggest Eminence Organics for skin care and body. 

Re: Pregnancy skincare routine

As a general rule of thumb, the specific ingredients I was told to avoid while pregnant were retinoids, salicylic acid, AHAs, and BHAs.  

Re: Pregnancy skincare routine

My best suggestion would be going back to your doctor and seeing if you can get a detailed list over specific products and ingredients that are safe or ones to avoid. Pregnancy is very individual and what may be safe and nonirritating for one person may not apply to the next.


There have been several threads that cover this subject and many users have chimed in with products they have used during pregnancy, but the bottom line will always be to confirm with your doctor before starting anything new or even continuing use of current products.



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