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New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

We are excited to announce that as of this past weekend, we have started shipping to Canadian addresses from our new warehouse in Canada. By being able to ship directly within Canada, our clients will receive many new benefits, including faster processing and delivery times, elimination of duty charges and the addition of new brands and items to our Canadian product assortment. If there are certain favorites that appear to be out of stock, try searching for the product by name; in some cases the product item number for the product may just be different now. For other products that no longer appear on the site, we apologize that this is due to language compliance on packaging that is required to adhere to by law in order to ship within Canada. Please continue to check back as these products may become available again in the future.

Q: What are some of the brands that have been removed?
A: SK-II, select Murad, Peter Thomas Roth, and Kate Somerville acne and SPF products are not available for now, but we are working hard with all our brands to get their packaging Canada compliant so that we can offer them to you in the future.

Q: Which brands have been added?
A: We recently added shu uemera and Biotherm.

Q: Why are some brands no longer available on but available in store?
A: Depending on the region, some Canadian stores may be able to carry these brands due to French language compliance. Store assortment is not affected. Please contact your store directly for specific product availability.

Q: How do I find out if still carries the products I love?
A: Search by the product name as the product item number (that is used in your basket or love list) may have changed.

Q: Will I still be able to get early access or limited edition products and promotions?
A: Yes! We are working hard to get the hottest launches that are available and compliant for our Canadian clients.

Q: How much faster will I get my Sephora orders?
A: Much faster! Because we are now shipping from Canada, you save the time between our US distribution center to Canada.

Q: Do I still have to pay duty on my orders?
A: No duties are charged now that we’re delivering from Canada.

Q: What about returns?
A: If you aren’t happy with your products, returns are now free!

Q: Will this move affect my BI points?
A: Yes, actually. Your BI points on will now be allocated based on the CAD list price, vs the USD price.

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

I haven't had any problems with the new warehouse. I placed an order on a Thursday night and it arrived the next Monday. That's faster than before. Also I'm glad I didn't get dinged for custum and duty fees!

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

The current shipping situation is super frustrating. It took 5 days to get an shipping notification for my order, and in the mean time, the promo code I used ran out of stock. My package haven't arrived yet, so I will wait and see if I get the promo. My last package with the Becca promo, arrived with only a few packaging material, so everything rattled around in the box. And of course, the Becca pressed skin perfecter, which is what prompted the order, shattered in the process. I understand that with any new operations, the beginning is extra frantic, especially with the recent bonus points event. But Sephora Canadian distribution centre is really a hot mess right now. I am planning to refrain for orders for a while until I get the feel that they have it sorted out. 


On a slightly positive note (even though it doesn't really apply to me), I am still really happy to see the minimum for shipping being dropped to $50. And hopefully the service will become more comparable to the US counterpart: installing flash shipping, having minimum of $25 for promo codes instead of $35 and become able to use gift cards online. 

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

Made an order on Monday, its still being processed. When I called the Rouge hotline the CSA told me that it could take unto 7 business days (the first one told me 5 business days) and that they are having problems with the warehouse coupled with them having to get out the epic rewards...I still haven't received a tracking number. I live 30 minutes from the warehouse, I wish they would just allow for pick ups.

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

I was also told 5 - 7 business days to leave the warehouse, which is unacceptable in my opinion.  I live in Toronto which is about 40 minutes from the warehouse, if there is no traffic on the 401, but I don't want to waste time and gas to get there.


If so few people got epic rewards, what are they so busy with? 

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

Just received the shipping email. When i spoke to the rouge line they stated that my package would expedited. Now according to the tracking info its not expected to arrive until Aug 20th. I ordered this Aug 10th...that is way more than the 5-7 business days quoted me. Not happy.

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

Same. I also have an order placed on the 10th (with an Epic Reward attached). I hope it ships this week. The Rouge hotline also told me 5-7 business days to actually leave the warehouse. Very frustrating. 

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

I was also told my order would be expedited… and I also just received my email.  However, it is not expedited, not that I care, it's only coming form Brampton, but they shouldn't say these things and not follow through.


I also noticed the fast delivery banner (the one I screen grabbed and posted here) is gone. lol

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

Isn't this new Sephora banner funny. Fast delivery, they say.




Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

pretty sure sephora just said i used to be ugly 😛

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

Might take longer for some people, but I ordered late last week and got it in 5 business days. The first time I ordered with Sephora, it took 15 business days. The shortest it has ever taken to get an order was about 8 or 9 business days from the time I ordered. I have only ordered once from the new warehouse but I'm actually quite pleased with how quick my package came. 

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

 Wow,that's def pretty good turn around time! I'm glad your order got to you so speedily,hopefully it'll start being as quick for everyone soon.Fingers crossed! 

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

Yeah! I live in Western Canada too, so I was pretty impressed! I figure that things will speed up for everyone, but the warehouse is new so they are probably still working out computer issues, inventory issues, etc. 

I hope the problems many people are encountering are resolved soon 🙂 


Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

Finally, allocated in the CAD price. I think the mods must be just as happy about that as I am hah.

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

Are we able to use giftcards online yet??

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

Sooooo normally my orders through Borderfree took 3-4 days, 5 at the most including weekends. I'm still waiting for my very first online order since January, placed on August 7th, to be fulfilled by the warehouse. With Borderfree it would have been here by now.


A small request. Could you maybe look into increasing staff? This is really discouraging

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs



My order shipped out last night and arrived today. The next day arrival isn't too shocking as when we had BorderFree I lived quite close to the point of entry so my orders always came the next day once they entered Canada. 


Still, the US Warehouse to Borderfree to Customs to me process is faster at this point. 


Nothing was damaged and my promo was included.. Two of my samples were switched out for similar samples (fragrance for a fragrance, skincare for a skincare-like) which is cool and something that never happened with the US warehouse for me (they would just give me a fragrance substitute or include nothing at all if they ran out). I mean they are free anyways.  


Overall a little disappointed with the warehouse processing time. They definitely need to work on that but I'm not going to give up on online ordering just yet.

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

Me too my order from Friday just shipped yesterday afternoon. I'm in Quebec so I probably won't get it until Monday, but that's normal. My last order too they substituted 1 of the samples - I think they just ran out of almost everything and have now restocked! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it gets better too!!

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

One of my orders from the 8th just shipped... 7 days of processing.... Wow

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

 Amen to this.My order I placed on the 7th only *just* shipped tonight x_x;;; And after reading about other people's missing samples/promos since the warehouse switchover,I'm curious to see if it will come with the vibthanks sample bag as it should.

Re: New Canadian Distribution Center: FAQs

So inconsistent! I placed an order Monday and it still hasn't shipped. This is bananas. I wish they still had the U.S. Shipping. At least we got better promos and samples. 

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