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Bumpy skin and wondering if it's an allergic reaction to foundation or something else..
Hello. I have combination skin and I notice that I have little bumps under my t-zone. It's not acne and my face is generally clear. My pores are also not in the best shape and I'm not sure if it's related to this problem or not. I'm wondering if it's an allergic reaction to my foundation or something else? I'm looking for a product or service that will treat this problem and benefit my skin as well. Any suggestions? Much appreciated.
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Before you start spending money on acne products you can...

Before you start spending money on acne products you can save yourself a lot of money and heartache by seeing a dermatologist and confirming your problem is actually acne. Roseca in it's most problematic form will present not only redness in the cheeks and T zone area but large and small painful acne looking bumps under the skin. If you have the beginning of Roseca and start using strong acne products you'll just irritate your skin more. 


There are very good meds (oral and topical) which can be used in conjunction with over the counter winkle reducers or cosmetics. 

I found this online and copied it here to hopefully help u

Those bumps are most likely milia, says Audrey Kunin, M.D., a Kansas City, Mo.-based dermatologist and the author of The DERMAdoctor Skinstruction Manual (Simon & Schuster, 2005). "Milia are essentially whiteheads that have closed over themselves," Kunin explains. "While a normal whitehead would rupture and go away, milia have developed a thin cover of skin cells that causes them to harden and turn into cysts." The cyst then pushes up under, but not through, the surface of the skin, causing stubborn bumps that won't go away.

Using products that are too rich for your skin is one of the most common causes of milia, especially around the eyes. "The skin around your eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, so it is much easier to smother it," Kunin says. Creamy eye shadows, heavy eye creams and oily makeup removers can be culprits, so stick with powder shadows and look for products labeled oil-free and noncomedogenic (meaning they don't clog pores). Editor's picks: Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover with aloe and cucumber extracts ($6; at drugstores), Aveda Pure Comfort Eye Makeup Remover with chamomile and cucumber ($15;, Clinique Moisture Surge Eye Gel with green-tea and aloe extracts ($26;, Clarins Eye Contour Gel with the antioxidant apricot and moisturizing shea butter ($41.50; and Zia Natural Skincare Essential Eye Gel with hyaluronic acid and witch hazel extract ($20;

It's easier to prevent new milia from forming than to clear up existing bumps. Though switching to lighter products may cause the milia to eventually disappear on their own, more often they must be punctured in order to remove the debris that's accumulated inside, Kunin says. This is a delicate procedure in the sensitive eye area, she warns, and should only be done by a dermatologist; never attempt it yourself, as scarring can result.

I just learned today about mineral deposits. Apparently d...

I just learned today about mineral deposits. Apparently dry skin clogs your pores and traps the oils. I was told that these can't be popped (like a pimple). Exfoliation is the best thing to do for them. Maybe visit a dermatologist, he or she can tell you more accurately what your problem is. Also, if they are mineral deposits, I was told that dermatologists sometimes go in with a needle to get rid of them.

You might have contact dermatitis. It happens to me a lot...

You might have contact dermatitis. It happens to me a lot in the winter when I overscrub my face and wash it in water that's too hot. Skin dries, has a bunch of tiny cracks, and gets aggravated and just not pretty. If you haven't changed anything in your regimen, just be more gentle in the winter as far as cleansing and exfoliating go. If you recently got something new for your face that doesn't specifically state that it's hypoallergenic or has a bunch of chemicals or natural ingredients that are foreign to you, it could be that aggravating your skin. Beware of helioplex (in a lot of Neutrogena products). That killed my skin. Horrible, horrible chemical.

If you're interested, here's the link to the product, that I was recommended in the Sephora store:

Thanks polishlover10 for your input and advice. That could be a possibility too but I think this problem was going on before Winter even. My skin isn't cracked, it's more bumpy looking in my t-zone. I'm thinking it may be related to break-outs along with troublesome pores. I have combination skin but I think it may be slightly on the oily side. Either way, I'm looking into a more natural foundation like the Korres line. I love their other make-up already. I hate chemicals in make-up and products too, so I can relate to what you're saying with using certain product lines. I'm hoping this is a minor fix, otherwise I hope it's something a dermatologist can fix. I just want my skin back to how it used to look. In the meantime though, I went to a Sephora store, where the cosmetician recommended a product called  "the pore fessional" by Benefit. I tried it out at the store and it seemed to smooth my skin down and make my pores disappear. We'll see what happens. Thanks again.

Have you changed foundations recently or changed any of y...

Have you changed foundations recently or changed any of your face products?  If it were an allergic reaction I would think that it would happen to something new product that you are using.  It could be hormonal changes or any number of things.  I would try a basic acne skincare regimen and see if it helps.  If it doesn't I would definitely go see a dermatologist.  Here is a regimen that is not too expensive, but is very good:

I would recommend Clinique's "Acne Solutions" line of products.  They make some great skincare products (I love their foaming cleanser) and I will list a few below:

Re: Have you changed foundations recently or changed any of y...
I forgot to mention, that I've been using Make-Up Forever "high definition" for my foundation. I never really looked into the fact that it may not be hypoallergenic and that may be my skin irritation issue.
Re: Have you changed foundations recently or changed any of y...
Thanks tengal for your advice! It's much appreciated. As for my problem, well I haven't changed anything recently but I'm thinking that my foundation may possibly be expired. Also, when I don't have make-up on, my skin seems to be alright minus the pores issue and the odd break-out. I already use the Korres skin care line for helping my pores. I'm open minded to your suggestion though with Clinique, as I've used that exact regimen in the past. Thanks for letting me know, that it comes in make-up products as well. I agree with you though, I definitely should see a dermatologist. I never had skin problems like this before. I hope that switching to a more natural foundation like Korres, will help with my skin from reacting to the make-up. I definitely need something that can help my skin breathe and minimize my pores/bumps that appear when foundation is on my face. Thanks again. 🙂
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