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Gunky Face looking for Squeeky Cleanse

HELP! I've finally decided that it's time for me to grow up (I'm 26) & figure out this whole beauty thing before its too late & life finally catches up to me as it does for everyone else (besides vampires). I've started using face paint (makeup) more & more each day & it's gone great for me (with a little help from Sephora & Youtube) so far, but now I'm starting to feel like I'm lacking in the skin care department. I've never really had a skincare routine besides the normal wash & rinse, so with all this extra gunk on my face, I definitely feel like I'm hording some gunk in my pores at the end of the day. After researching other skin care routines (again, Youtube, thumbs up) I've noticed that a lot of girls/women/drag queens (their makeup talent far exceeds what I could ever hope to achieve) have awesome, multi-step skin care routines that include a ton of cleansing, wiping, rinsing, toning, & lotioning up. I'd love to jump on the old bandwagon, but have no idea what products I should be looking for. I'm going for a simple routine that will fulfill most, if not all, of these needs: removing, cleansing, toning, brightening, moisturizing, & preventing...any advise would be GREATLY appreciated!

Re: Gunky Face looking for Squeeky Cleanse

Hi kaiiniDC and welcome to BT.


Here's my routine and the products I use.  Hope this gives you an idea what to get and what will work for you 😉


So to remove make-up.  I use Biotherm Biocils (liquid in blue bottle, not the gel) with Shiseido cotton pads as my eyes are super sensitives.  I sometimes also use jojoba oil to remove eye make-up.  I like natural products but afraid to change out completely my eye make-up remover because of so many bad experiences.


My cleanser is from The Body Deli.  I like it very much but using a few different samples because I like trying out different tings. lol. I'm not a toner girl so I usually skip that step unless I have a sample to try out. 😉 


Once my face is nice and clean I use a vitamin spray, after that an eye serum and eye cream.  I don't use the eye serum all the time though. After that either a serum or oil or both depending on how my skin is feeling.  After that night cream and lip balm.


In the morning I wash my face, put on a vitamin spray, eye cream, serum, day cream, and currently using two types of primer.  Hourglass No. 28 and Veil. After that lip balm. I have dry sensitive skin so all of this makes it nice. 😉


I do an exfoliation and mask twice a week or at least try to. Hope I didn't forget anything lol.


Hope this helps a bit 😉


Re: Gunky Face looking for Squeeky Cleanse

hey there kaiiniDC!

here is a basic skincare routine to keep your face looking and feeling fresh and eliminating gunky pores for good 🙂


first lets talk about cleansing:the basics

I suggest using a simple baby soap, yep baby soap, it cleans from head to toe and will remove oil or makeup left on your face without the harsh chemicals, it is also inexpensive and easy to find.


Removing makeup

for stubborn makeup I use Clinique's take it all off it really works! you can buy this at Sephora.



I love nivea crème, it hydrates really well and is multi use since I use it for lashes eyebrows,eyelid and eye area and on my lips and cheeks as well! a small blue tin is 99 cents and is worth every penny 🙂 a more expensive option but works just as well is ole henriksen nurture me which is 40$ but is amazing and smells divine too 🙂


I hope this helps, have a nice day 🙂 peace and love,skye


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