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SOS 2014 - Natural & Balanced (Combo/Very Oily)

I do not wear foundation every day so here's to improving skin suppleness and texture!


Skin type: Combo/Very Oily

Age: 25


Current Skin Status

Enlarged pores on nose & cheeks

Blackheads/Congested pores on nose

Small bumps on forehead (always)

Dryness around chin/mouth caused by overuse of acne products

Dull, dehydrated skin


Current Routine


Cleanser- Murad 2% salicylic cleanser w/ Clarisonic if skin is feeling oily/breakouts, if some skin is very dry - just a swipe of toner maybe splash of water first

Toner - Clinique Toner #3

Serum - OH Truth serum

Moisturizer - Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing gel

Eye cream - Origins Plantscription eye cream or Clinique All About Eyes Rich



Cleanser - Origins Checks & Balances

Serum - none

Moisturizer - Korres Wild Rose & Vit C sleeping facial, deluxe sample Algenist creams, possibly some argan or maracuja oil around mouth/chin

Eye cream - Origins Plantscription eye cream or Clinique All About Eyes Rich

Acne treatment - La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, DDF salicylic acid treatment



Origins Charcoal mask

OH blue black berry enzyme peel or Ren glycol lactic radiance mask

Glamglow Youthmud (blackheads, spot treatment)

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask (not using much now that I have sleeping facial)

Proactiv Refining mask (sulfur)



Philosophy The Microdelivery Dual-phase peel (kind of a harsher scrub so about 1x month)


Goals for 2014

  1. Find a good texture high factor SPF for everyday use
  2. Balance oiliness and dryness while sticking to more natural brands
  3. Improve skin texture - smooth out forehead
  4. Do not overdo it with drying acne treatments in areas that don't generally get acne
  5. Find a nighttime serum
  6. Get through deluxe samples and hopefully have HGs in all categories to eliminate unnecessary spending (and surfing around sephora's website... dangerous!)
  7. Make skin look less dull and more hydrated/supple Korres Wild Rose sleeping facial - just bought a full size it helps with this so much, HG!


Any other factors that might be impacting your skin?

 Need to drink more water, eat out less


Things I want to try

  1. After I finish my OH truth serum, want to go to Caudalie SOS
  2. Need a new benzoyl peroxide/salicylic acid treatment that is less harsh but still effective... someone said they liked DDF 5% benzoyl + tea tree... thinking about getting that
  3. Korres Wild Rose 24 hour cream (day time) after I use what I have
  4. Kate Somerville EradiKate
  5. Glamglow Supermud
  6. Regular (quarterly?) chemical peels - only thing thats ever made my forehead completely smooth
  7. Murad facial at Massage Envy (seems pretty affordable with first time client discount)



Please feel free to offer comments/suggestions!

Re: SOS 2014 - Natural & Balanced (Combo/Very Oily)

So I purchased the skincare vol 2 set. I was surprised that I actually like the black glamglow better than the white! Smell was also a factor... the white glamglow smells like licorice... yuck! But I feel like I always hear people saying they prefer the white supermud, but I like the exfoliating one better. As for minimizing blackheads, they both work equally well but of course its temporary. With repeated use, I've also noticed that I only really get this effect if I apply the mask before a shower. I'm glad to have another one of those Kate Somerville exfolikate's... its pretty nice when you want a combo manual and chemical exfoliant. The black boscia mask is alright, I've gotten the sampler before, for me it doesn't seem to have too much effect. I'm also using the new FAB red clay cleanser but again, no notable results... I just try not to use too drying of a cleanser. I got a new clarisonic head (my old one was... well, old) and this time instead of the normal I got the clarisonic deep pore cleansing head and its quite nice! I was a little worried it would be too rough, but let me tell you if you keep your clarisonic head +3 months it starts to get rough, so this actually felt pretty smooth. I am enjoying it. My skin has been pretty supple and I haven't been overly drying it out, so that is a plus! I am getting the deluxe sample of the origins gingzing moisturizer which has spf 15 and a tint. I think I realistically want to try and hope to like the la roche posay tinted spf 50 the color is fairly tan but its very lightweight and doesn't smell... I wish I could get a sample first but that would be difficult. I was going to get it at CVS, then saw it at Ulta, and then saw it on Amazon (through amazon) for so much cheaper. I really need to utilize Amazon more (like for buying discounted glamglow masks that are fulfilled through amazon! at half price!).


I am really enjoying the Dr. Brandt Pores No More - not technically skincare, but I can tell already I like it better than the porefessional. It kind of smells like tea tree and it applies over my bareMinerals foundation really well! (since powder foundation can sometimes emphasize pores).


Sometime before March though I will hopefully see how either a chemical peel or murad facial effects my skin, if I can find the time to squeeze it in!

RE: Re: SOS 2014 - Natural & Balanced (Combo/Very Oily)
Re: SOS 2014 - Natural & Balanced (Combo/Very Oily)

If you are looking for a good everyday sunscreen, I suggest trying Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42. I have similar skin concerns, and this sunblock is one of the very few out there that don't clog my pores or cause breakouts. It has a very light texture and doesn't leave a film or residue on your face. I've never had problems with applying makeup over it either.

Re: SOS 2014 - Natural & Balanced (Combo/Very Oily)

I already had alot of the products you listed in my cart  so I'll be using them too. Yay! I'm excited to find out how the Vitamin C Facial works for you. I currently use the yogurt one and I'm thinking of making the switch once I use up this jar. 

Re: SOS 2014 - Natural & Balanced (Combo/Very Oily)

Oooh..didn't know they did facials at Massage Envy?  I, unfortunately, spoiled myself with a dr dennis gross based facial at Nordstrom Spa....soo expensive, but really brightened up my face.  You'll have to let us know about the Murad one.

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