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Sensitive-skin deodorant

What is a good deodorant or antiperspirant for super-sensitive skin? As loyal as I am to Sephora it doesn't have to be from here because I am desperate. It's for my mom. Thus far she is allergic to Dove, Lady's Speed Stick, Alba, and Lavinilla. She works in fast food (Dairy Queen) and she is cooking over a grill a lot, so she also needs something that works. Natural is good, but I'm open to anything. Thanks!Smiley Happy

DERMAdoctor makes an antiperspirant-deodorant for sensiti...

DERMAdoctor makes an antiperspirant-deodorant for sensitive skin called "Total Nonscents" and it comes in a rollerball dispenser.  It dries quickly so it won't stain your clothes.  You can order it from Sephora's website.

Hope this info is helpful to you . . . Smiley Happy

I had a similar problem and recently started using the deodorant from The Body Shop. I went in there for something else altogether but when I saw their natural deodorant, I had to try it. The fragrances are light (pink cap is kind of girly & the one I ended up with, blue cap was more neutral, green cap was more manly) but it seems to last me most of the day. I tried Tom's of Maine too, and it's pretty similar to The Body Shop's deodorant (and $3 cheaper), but the scent wasn't as nice.


I can't post the URL, but if you go to The Body Shop's web site, you can find the deodorant under "body". 🙂


Good luck & I hope this helps!

i have a freind that is vegan that uses good ol fashioned...

i have a freind that is vegan that uses good ol fashioned baking soda, because its hard for her to find deoderant that has no animal products, now when we were both in beauty school,(she finished I dropped out when i learned i could have done my hours as an apprentic) anyways i sat next to her in class for over five months and even when we were in salon i never ever smelled body odor. and here was i goin to the bathroom with my purse ever so often puttin on more deoderant. and if i forgot i would be embarrassed, no we are all creatures of habbit, you  ouldnt part me from my drug store deoderant and i have to say that my vegan friend never ever sweated over odor like i did, and she never ever smelled. imagine my horror when i learned she only uses baking soda under her arms?

Tom's of Maine is a natural product line that makes a ver...

Tom's of Maine is a natural product line that makes a very popular sensitive skin deodorant called "Sensitive Care Deodorant Stick". It's aluminum-free and has chamomile to sooth the skin and hops to kill bacteria. I believe it's available at drugstores like Rite Aid.

Re: Tom's of Maine is a natural product line that makes a ver...
oh i have used their tooth paste, are they popular outside of maine? i am living in maine. They have good stuff. birch bees also was started in maine.
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