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What's a good face mask??

What's a good face mask?? I want to purchase the Boscia face mask but its pretty *pricey* . . Does anyone know of any face masks that are between $5-$20 ?? Or can you please tell me your experience with Boscia?

Re: What's a good face mask??

If youre looking for moisture Elizabeth Grady Mask and Korres Yogurt Mask are really really good, as well as the Caudalie mask with the brush applicator. I had a horrible experience with Boscia...all of their products that I tried worked really well as long as I was using the product but once I ran out and stopped using it it made my face 100 times WORSE. So if youre planning on using their skincare, make sure you never run out. And their stuff is super pricey for the little amounts that you get.

Re: What's a good face mask??

I have mild roseaca and get the occasional break out. I use one a week, occasionally twice is Mario Badescu Calma Mask. It's great because a little goes along way, doesn't iriitate my sensitive skin, and helps with the occasional break out. It even takes some of the redness away. You keep it on your face for 20 minutes. It doesn't have a pleasant smell, but it gets the job done lol It's $22 and the jar last lasted over a month now.

Re: What's a good face mask??

You can try Shiseido's face masks. Or Silk Whitia face masks. Also, My Beauty Diary Face Masks are good too. You can only purchase My Beauty Diary online...

Re: What's a good face mask??

I recently purchased REN's F10 enzymatic Smooth Radiance facial mask and I must say it is fantastic! It does what it says its going to do and its great for all skin types. I have dry skin and it made it so youthful and smooth. It is $37, however I use about a teaspoon size for each mask once or twice a week so this bottle should last me for at least 4 months.

Re: What's a good face mask??

Bliss has a very nice face mask it's called energizing mask and that works really well.



Ballet girl

Re: What's a good face mask??

Best face mask I have ever used is by Queen Helene. It's super cheap, but my face instantly looks better, and it helps with blackheads. It really is awesome!!

Re: What's a good face mask??

Like a lot of the other posts, the Mint Julep mask that you can get at Walmart is pretty snazzy.  When I was in junior high and high school that was one of the only ones I could afford, and it never hurt my skin.  I used to love the freshy, tingly sensation, but whether it ever helped my skin, probably not since I kept breaking out ferociously until about 2005 when I started buying more expensive specialty items.


Right now, I'm in love with my Sekeisho Mask White (it's not white though); I've been using it for over 4 years.  If you're sensitive to peel-offs like the new Boscia one, stay away from this because it'll pull off everything.  I am always a little red after, but I splash some cold water on my face and then use my Boscia toner to minimize that issue.  My skin always looks brighter and feels smoother after each use.  It's $28 if you can find it in a store.  I used to buy it at a flagship Bath & Body Works here in town, but they stopped being a flagship, so then Neiman Marcus was my next stop.  Now it doesn't carry it either.  I don't want to pay for shipping and handling, so I've been rationing my last tube.


C.O. Bigelow Apothecary carries a ton of awesome brands that carry some great rinse-off masks too.  I've used C.O. Bigelow brand masks for acneic skin that contain kaolin clay (these masks tend to be $15-$20) and then the Apivita Express masks (one with Honey, another with Propolis, and another with Vitamin C).  Those Apivita ones are $28, but they come with packets that are pre-measured so you don't flub.  Plus, you can travel easily with them.


Something else I found pretty great is the Anthony Logistics Deep Pore Cleansing Clay.  Although a line marketed towards men, this mask was awesome on my nose and large pores.  It can burn your eyes a bit if you get it too close though; the fumes (even though this is fragrance-free) from the natural ingredients can be pretty strong.


Masks are so personal that samples are always a good thing.  Happy hunting!



Re: What's a good face mask??

I definitely love the Mint Julep mask - it's great  for acne because it dries blemishes. The Mint Julep mask is also great after you steam your skin, for overnight spot treatment (like I said, dries blemishes up pretty quickly!), or even overnight wear (if you don't mind looking like Frankenstein all night, haha).


I wish I could give advice on some of Sephora's masks, but I usually make my own face masks (i.e., asprin mask with some honey, or a yogurt mask).

Re: What's a good face mask??

I love "masks" that you wash off with warm water, not peel off.  I have really enjoyed Philosophy's Hope Springs Eternal mask.  And it's reasonably priced.  Ole Hendrickson's Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask was nice but with my sensative skin, it stings when I first put it on.  A lovely one, though not in the "under $20" price range is REN's Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask.  LOVED it!  Ask at your local Sephora for a sample of a couple different ones to try...they are great about giving you a sample so you can "test before you invest".


Hope that helps!

Re: What's a good face mask??

I use both of these face mask from Clinique. You can buy both for the price of that other mask your thinking about buying. One of the mask is mainly for oil control and the other one is for acne control. There both about 20 dollars each.

Re: What's a good face mask??

I used the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask for about 4 weeks. It is good for exfoliating but unfortunately, it gave me blackheads!

Re: What's a good face mask??

Try Fuller's Earth. Fresh sells the bar at $38. Go to any Indian grocery store, you will find it under the name of Multani Mitti priced at $10- $12 in powder form! It is excellent in sucking up oil and other skin impurities. It's been used in India for centuries and it is 100% organic and pure clay. It clears up Acne in a day or two. It can be used even on the utmost sensitive skin and it won't cause breakouts.

Re: What's a good face mask??

I like the Nars Mud mask  (great for Combination/oily skin) It is Clay/Kaolin based, great ofr firming and drawing out impurities. I also like the Ole Henrickson Blue/Blackberry enzyme mask, for dry/sensitive skin. Great for hydration. Has a fresh, calming scent too.

Re: What's a good face mask??

I really like astara Blue Flame for breakouts, you can also use it as an overnight spot treatment for blemishes.Smell is kinda yuk though due to tea tree oil in it i think.


I also really like korres wild rose mask - my face feels sooo soft after and it smells nice too. 


A mask that you can peel off that has worked really well for me  and has excellent reviews on MUA as well is: Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Mask. It doesn't dry me out or break me out, i just get nice soft & clean results. Plus it's gentle enough to use often. Nice and very light smell is friendly to my sensitive nose.

Re: What's a good face mask??


They sell organic and Vegan products... and I LOVE their Face masks.

One of my favs is their ...Mask Of Magnaminty, is 20 dollars and is GREAT!  It slightly exfoliates and is a mask that dries oils too! Plus its minty and it wakes you up!

Re: What's a good face mask??

It doesn't matter how expensive your mask is, where you buy it, as long as it addresses your skin concerns and is for your skin type! Also, you may have to use the mask several times on a timely manner before seeing the results. Try using your new mask once a week for the first month (if it says it can be used 2-3x/week, DONT! That is only if your skin is used to the treatment)

Re: What's a good face mask??

Hey! I have tried Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask and it is just a charm. If you wanna go the money saving route plus get good results I would definitely go for this! 

I have a favorite high-end mask though, and that is the DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask! It has clay and sulfur in it, so it is SO AMAZING for oily skin and acne prone skin. You just leave it on for five minutes, and after taking it off all your oil is gone, pores are decreased, and for me, the greatest part is my acne is gone! It's good as a spot treatment too 🙂


I've tried a sample of the Boscia mask, and I personally didn't like it 😕 It was messy and hard to work with, but it just looks so fun! But yeah, I wouldn't waste the money on it, but you should try it for yourself! Hope this helps!

Re: What's a good face mask??

I totally agree - Queen Helene Mint Julip mask is GREAT. The price is phenominal!! Can't beat it. Give it a try.

Re: What's a good face mask??

I have oily skin, and the cheap ones I used works well for me I use a mask once a week and wash my face everyday with a mild cleanser like the Clinique liquid soap, or my favorite the rareminerals renew and reveal facial cleanser thats a powder and you just add water to activate it. And the mask I use is Freemans facial clay mask in Mint & Lemon. I purchase it at walmart and its like $4. Hope this helps.


Btw it goes on green and while it dries I can feel it tighten up my pores and giving me a wierd minty cool feeling as it hardens.

Re: What's a good face mask??

To find a really good face mask, it helps to know your skin type and what you want the treatment to accomplish. Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask is great for oily/acne prone skin. Dry skin would benefit from a moisturizing mask that hydrates - i think Shiseido makes one. Another way to go would be to use a natural, home made mask. Egg whites and honey combined together and used as a mask moisturizes and brightens, a plain yogurt mask soothes and moisturizes, brown sugar and honey exfoliates and gives moisture. HTH!

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