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Need help with my fine hair

So my hair is fine but I have a lot of it (that's what I was told). I don't believe I have dandruff but my scalp is itchy, so I scratch it often. I know there is no miracle product that can promote new hair growth but I was looking into maybe some scrub or other treatments. I'm definitely going to cut my ends since they seem to thick and heavy. I usually twist my hair before I got to sleep (when I wash my hair) so that it adds volume. Does it damage it, I do not know. IMG_3045.JPG

Re: Need help with my fine hair

Your hair seems a lot like mine. I stopped using shampoo about a year and a half ago and only wash my hair about twice a week just with conditioner. I use Head and Shoulders conditioner as my "shampoo" and Wen as my conditioner. The Head and Shoulders does a really good job of cleansing my scalp and keeps flakes at bay, and the Wen keeps my hair conditioned and manageable, since fine hair tangles easily. On my non wash days during the week I use a bit of dry shampoo, Dry Bar Detox is my favorite, and during the weekend I let my natural oils moisturize my hair. It definitely took a little but of time, but I have noticed my hair feels thicker, and stronger, and isn't as broken. I also rarely heat style my hair, and I don't put it in tight pony tails unless I'm doing something really active and can't have it moving around. I've kept my hair longer recently, since it's healthier I only need to trim it every 6 months or so. If I want to add a bit of volume during the day I just ruffle my fingers through my hair at my scalp or shift the part a bit. 


I think the biggest thing that changed my hair for the better was eliminating shampoo completely, even ones that are "color safe" or "sulfate free." Cowashing requires a little bit of trail and error, and your scalp will take some time to adjust, but I will never use shampoo again (unless I'm at the salon, but I really hate it... even though my stylist knows I don't shampoo grrrr).

Re: Need help with my fine hair

Fine hair is damaged really easily, but it is indeed possible to have a lot of it because fine straight hair is characterized by one of the highest total number of follicles more densely packed than other hair types within the systems based on curl pattern classification (Andre Walker and FIA).


Depending on the water temperature used when you wash your hair and how often you're doing so may have some role in the itchiness. I would definitely avoid tightly twisting or even excessive handling of wet/damp hair. Twisting can be just as effective on almost dry hair, but whatever the normal amount of 'tight' is, scale it back to only 1/4 that. Same with the quantity of product used - whatever the bottle says, use 1/3 of that. If needed you can always add more but too much from the beginning means going back to square 1 to fix.


Be careful about hairstyles involving layers. Fine hair begins to look scraggly and really thin once it's layered within an inch of its life. If the weight of the ends are hiding any tendency for your hair to be wavy, which is often the case, keep that in mind before letting a hairstylist have at it with the scissors. 😛

Re: Need help with my fine hair

I wash my hair every two days and I usually try to use warm and not hot water. I recently started doing a cold last rinse. I do use macadamia oil. I will try to use less. And I don't think I want layers. I want my hair to be less weighted down but not thin.

Re: Need help with my fine hair

It could be dry scalp. Neutrogena t/gel shampoo will help the itchies. Only use a few times a week, as it can dry the hair out. Use on the scalp only, let sit a few minutes before rinsing out and continue with your regular shampoo etc. 


There's also phyto scalp oil. Natural oil to balance the scalp. Read directions before using, as nothing comes out at first. This is a pre wash treatment.


When you get a cut, ask about your hair health. I have opposite hair, when I wash it and leave I'll put in up in a big clip. I haven't noticed damage. If I wash at night, I'll leave it sprawled on a towel on the pillow. I do use a microfiber towel that gets out a lot of water, after washing.

Re: Need help with my fine hair

What about Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt?

Re: Need help with my fine hair

Don't know that one. The ones I posted, I know work 😛


Ok took a quick look, it's for more oily scalp. Yours seems to be on the dry side. Dandruff is associated with oilier.

Re: Need help with my fine hair

Hi Natalia,


What exactly are you looking for help with? The hair growth aspect? Unless you've noticed your hair thinning, your problem (such as it is, your hair looks fine to me) is more likely with breakage than lack of growth. I'm seeing some frizz at the top of your head that looks like short hairs up there; I have this problem as well, and to the extent it can be fixed it's a breakage issue rather than a growth one. Hair naturally sheds and regrows all the time, so you'll always have some of that, but breakage can be addressed.


First, if you're twisting your hair yp while it's wet, that may indeed be damaging it. Hair is more brittle when wet, so twisting, wringing it out, or even brushing it (as opposed to wide-tooth comb) can cause breakage. If you're going to do that I would recommend waiting til it's dry, if possible, or twisting it less tightly.


For products that can help, my #1 recommendation, if you have the $$, is the Bumble & Bumble Full Potential line. I tried a sample of this several months ago, enough for about 5 hair washes (which is 2-3 weeks for me), and the amount of hair I was loosing in the brush/shower went down considerably. But it is >$30 each for the shampoo and conditioner.


There's also an Alterna product that is designed to counter breakage/promote hair growth that you rub on your scalp; I haven't tried it enough to review its effectiveness. But it wohld be less expensive per use than Full Potential.

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